At a glance
  • SPF30 - High Protection
  • INNOVATIVE SUN TECHNOLOGY: Full Spectrum Photo Stable Protection from UVA + UVB + IR + VL
  • Hydra-Break complex
  • Anti-pollution & Moisturising action
  • Mat, silky finish on the skin
  • Very lightweight formula
  • For all skin types
  • Water Resistant


  • ASTRID SUN DETOX Face Cream SPF 30 with INNOVATIVE SUN TECHNOLOGY UVA + UVB + IR* + VL*, provides to skin broad spectrum photostable protection from the harmful effects of UV, infrared radiation and visible light. The advanced formula provides anti-pollution protection, preventing external pollutant factors to form free radicals, while the innovative Hydra-Break technology provides a refreshing feeling on the skin, and mat, silky finish, leaving it moisturized.
    *In-vitro test in IRA & HEVL.
    Dermatologically tested.

  • Apply an sufficient quantity on skin before sun exposure, avoiding the eye area. To protect body skin adult average size should be 36 g sunscreen, i.e. approximately 6 teaspoons. Apply in a quantity proportional to the size of the face. Reducing the recommended amount significantly reduces the level of protection. Do not stay in the sun too long. Avoid especially the direct midday sun (10-16 hours). Overexposure to the sun is a serious health risk. Re-apply frequently during sun exposure, especially after swimming, sweating or toweling. No sunscreen product provides 100% protection against the sun. Protect yourself from sunlight wearing clothes, hat and sunglasses.