At a glance
  • SPF 50 - High Protection
  • Invisible dry protection
  • INNOVATIVE SUN TECHNOLOGY: Full Spectrum Photo Stable Protection from UVA + UVB + IR + VL
  • Immediate up to -2 C° cooling effect on the skin
  • Anti-sand technology
  • 360◦ Spraying System
  • Coconut oil from 100% sustainable sources
  • With exotic coconut fragrance
  • Very water resistant


  • ASTRID SUN COCONUT LOVE Dry Mist Spray SPF 50 with INNOVATIVE SUN TECHNOLOGY UVA + UVB + IR* + VL*, provides to skin broad spectrum, photostable protection from the harmful effects of UV, and protection from infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (VL). Offers a superior protection experience: ultra light dry-touch sensorial, hydration and immediate up to -2 C°** cooling effect on the skin, anti-sand action, refreshing sensation under the sun, non-sticky feeling and exotic coconut fragrance. With sustainably sourced coconut oil. 360◦ spray mechanism.

    *In-vitro test in IRA & HEVL.
    **In vivo test; immediate reduction of skin temperature by a maximum of -2 ° C.
    Dermatologically tested.

  • Shake well before use. Spray evenly an abundant quantity on dry skin over the entire body, before sun exposure, and re-apply frequently, especially after swimming, toweling & perspiring. Do not spray directly on face, apply to hands and then rub the lotion on the face, except for the eye area. To protect the body of an average adult, the applied quantity should be 36 g sunscreen, i.e. approximately 6 teaspoons. Warning: reducing the recommended quantity will lower the level of protection significantly. Avoid sun exposure during midday hours (10am-4pm). Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight. Over-exposure to the sun, even while using a sunscreen product, is a serious health threat. Suncare products do not protect 100% from UV radiation. Protect children from sunlight with clothing, hat and sunglasses. For external use only.