PEO Protective Foot Spray

At a glance
  • Antifungal effect
  • Protects against creation of mildew causing itching
  • Returns comfort feeling
  • Fast-drying composition


  • PEO Protecting foot spray is specially  formulated to help the treatment and care of feet affected by fungal infections. 

    • With Tolnaftate, a known active ingredient for its antifungal properties that helps prevent the formation and  recurrence of fungi on feet and  toenails. 
    • Quickly and effectively cares for the discomforts of your feet.
    • Offers a cooling feeling on the skin

    Dermatologically tested.

    150 ml
  • Shake well before use. Apply 2 times a day on washed and dryed places of feet skin, which are threatened by fungi. Continue applying for 2 weeks after symptoms have resolved.